Insert Video

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Insert video into the Featured Page.


  1. Usualy the flash video overlaps the html elements e.g. a drop-down menu displays below the video.
  2. By default the featured pages have paddings 30px by top and by left. It’s necessary for textual content, however if we’d like to display the featured page as video we heed to disappear this padding.


  • Width is 480px
  • Height is 385px


  1. We need to add especial tag wmode=”opaque” in the end of code.
  2. For disappearing a padding we need to wrap the code by shortcode &#91feat_object] .. &#91/feat_object]
  3. For disabling WP automatic formatting we need to wrap the code by shortcode &#91noformat] .. &#91/noformat]
  4. And set custom dimentions of video in compliance with the requirements.

Ready Solutions:

for YouTube
for Vimeo
for WordPress TV