Shortcodes are a very easy way to display lot of things on your blog posts and sidebars by inserting a very simple code like this:

[yellow]very simple[/yellow]

Use shortcodes. Save your time.

Now for building an elegant content you can use magic shortcodes. One – necessary columns have appeared. Two – you have got quotes, dropcaps, highlights, icons etc. Three – and your website has dynamic elements: tabs, buttons, charts and many more. Shortcodes may have options. It increases the possibility of shortcodes.

How to use shortcodes?

It’s easy. Just paste a shortcode [screenshot] while editing a page(post).

What kind of shortcodes provides NextElement Theme?

The theme features 54 absolutely amazing shortcodes: 19 icons, 5 kind of buttons, 9 kind of columns, 2 kind of dinamic elements, 2 kind of lists, 3 kind of messages, 7 kind of text features, featured boxes, google charts, and more.